Friday, 21 March 2014

I've moved

Friends, acquaintances, stalkers, and others. I've moved this precious little blog to another corner of the web. You can find me here!  x

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Murderofcrows - Gibbets

Murderofcrows' just released their video and as you can see my scary face is everywhere! Check it out and let me know what you think! x

Saturday, 8 March 2014

We're making a music video

It got pretty messy today when we shot Murderofcrows' music video. Let's just say we did not spare that fake blood.. I honestly don't think I've ever been as brutal as I was on set today. It was so much fun though!! Christ on a bike am I excited to see the result! x

Monday, 24 February 2014

"I'm sorry princess life is tough, this isn't a fairytale, there are no diamonds here in the rough"

My intentions were pure as the whitest of snow,
when I searched for a paradise here on earth
I remember it even if it was a long time ago,
how I ended up facing the dirt

I never experienced true bliss,
the constant winter on the outside kept the garden in my heart frozen
the beautiful roses were shivering, 
when they tried their best to blossom

There was a day where it all broke down,
when I realised that the life I had lived was a lie
it started a war in my mind,
hard for me to define

I put sprinkles on my feelings before I devour them whole,
anything to keep my mind off the lingering cold
that is trying to capture me by the core of my soul

I'm sorry princess life is tough, this isn't a fairytale, there are no diamonds here in the rough
take this pill and you'll feel better he said,
so I hid my problems under someone else's bed
I was Lucy in the sky but my diamonds were fake

Sugar, sugar, highs and lows
up the ladder, there she goes
on the bottle, on the ground
everyone's happy when she's around
but they didn't disown the sadness in her eyes,
that she hid from the world behind heart shaped glasses

- Chessie Darling

The winter kept the garden in my heart frozen

Photo: Cherry Sander

Sunday, 23 February 2014

"I won't give in until freedom is something more than a dream"

In sadness we're standing still
no purpose, no progress
in tears we are drowning
let's bring back the laughter
the mascara does not belong on our cheeks
we're moving mountains
plants are breaking through the concrete

You call me neurotic, but darling I just woke up
instead of hiding it under the rug,
I choose to see the dust
nothing's gonna change for the better until we stop ignoring the truth
open your eyes and realise things aren't always what they seem

Let's be the heroes we were born to be
all it takes is the power of you and me
let's all unite in the name of love
and stop this madness before it eats us alive

I thought I was going crazy, but there's nothing wrong with me
the problem is reality and this fucking society
I see flowers reaching for the sky without hesitation 
you'll find the answer if you tune inside

Don't just stand there and let it all slip away,
listen to me when I say
that we can make it, make it right
bring back joy and bliss to our lives
without prescription medication, without the lies
just us together side by side

It was never insanity, just a warning sign
the universe is clever, start using your own mind
there's no longer darkness when I close my eyes
because I tore down the wall that was keeping the holy truth in disguise

The ultimate is what we aim for
perfection at its best
I'm truly grateful that I figured out the rest
every second, every hour, every day, every week
it's out there, you'll find it if you only seek

We're not getting younger
so why waste our precious time?
come on everybody, we deserve the divine
there's no room for the narrow minded when we're saving the world tonight
leave your weapons at the door, we can win this fight

- Chessie Darling